Real Food Buying Club

Welcome to Growing Season 2014! We started the growing season with produce, locally produced grains, and coffee. However, we quickly added more items such as beef and honey, and are working on getting dairy products, legumes, and lamb.  

Real Food Buying Club is excited to be working directly with The Institute for Washington's Future (IWF) and the Washington Latino Farmers Network (WLFN). One of IWF's initiatives is to help emerging Latino farmers develop soft business skills by partnering them with established Latino farmers, which is how the WLFN was formed. Real Food Buying Club's produce will primarily be sourced from the Washington Latino Farmers Network which consists of local and beginning farmers who are mentored by organic farmers such as Alvarez Organic Farms (here and here) and Canales Brothers Farms.


Want to save money by buying cases? 
To find others who want to split up orders with you, please join our Facebook group, "Real Food Buying Club Order Splits". We will be there to facilitate and introduce you to others.  

You can buy in large bulk quantities, but we will also post the smallest size available. If you desire larger case/bag sizes, let us know and we'll look into it!  If you want smaller portions and want to find others to split the case with you, here are the steps: 

  • Join the  "Real Food Buying Club Order Splits" Facebook Group. 
  • Browse through the listings or initiate your own post to find others who want to split something you see.  The post should read something like "40# Case Honeycrisp Apples, $xx.00/case and state how much you want for yourself.
  • Others can/will reply to that post with quantities they want. 
  • Sometimes amounts are left over, so the group decides how that will be distributed. 
  • The group also decides who will front the order and how reimbursement will take place (PayPal, cash, check, etc).
  • The group decides who will pick up the order and how to go about splitting the case. You may use our facilities to split your bulk case during pick-up hours. 

We are a membership based group. All members will be invoiced $7/month and can subscribe in our store. 

At this time we do not have a required minimum order. However, based on cost analysis we recommend ordering larger quantities and sharing with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow foodies. 

With Much Gratitude~

Kelly Schneyer, founder

Bevin McLeod, owner


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